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Our 2020 Featured Speakers

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2020 Keynote Speaker, Vice President Dick Cheney

  • Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has served more than four decades of public life at the highest levels of government during some of the most critical days in modern American history.
  • In the post-Watergate administration of Gerald Ford, the President turned to 34-year-old Dick Cheney to lead the White House staff in the work of restoring the nation’s confidence and waging the President’s 1976 campaign.
  • After leaving the White House, Cheney returned to his home state of Wyoming, where he was elected in 1978 as the state’s sole member of the House of Representatives. Re-elected to office five times, Cheney served in several leadership positions and was chosen by his colleagues as the minority whip, the number two position in the House Republican leadership.
  • In 1989, he was nominated by President George H.W. Bush to serve as Secretary of Defense and in his four years at the Pentagon, Cheney led American forces to victory in Operation Just Cause in Panama, and Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. In 1991, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • In 2000, George W. Bush asked Cheney to become his running mate. President Bush and Vice President Cheney were inaugurated for the first of two terms on January 20, 2001.
  • In the eight eventful years of the Bush presidency, the Vice President was best known for his involvement in national security matters following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Cheney has been recognized by many as the most powerful and consequential vice president in American history, and worked side by side with George W. Bush to keep our homeland safe and protect Americans from terrorist attacks for seven and a half years following 9/11.

2020 Speakers

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2020 CEO Forum Speaker, Arthur Greeno

  • Arthur has been involved with Chick-fil-A for over 30 years. He never went to business school, so his approach is real, and down to earth. He believes customer service is the cornerstone to business success in any business and extraordinary customer service comes from creating a special culture in your business. When people think customer service, Chick-fil-A is almost always at the top. What you experience at his restaurants is what has taken him all over the country speaking to organizations about how to provide "remarkable" service to their guests. Anyone can deliver a plate of food, but it's an altogether different concept to change someone's day, week, or even their life. Arthur's insight will give you keys to be remarkable in your business and more importantly how you can make a difference through your business. Surround yourself with amazing people, and amazing things start happening. Arthur didn't come from a business background, but if you've ever been to any of his restaurants, you will agree that his teams are extraordinary. He is teaching business owners how to create a unique culture in his own lighthearted, irreverent, and down-to earth way.
  • Arthur started with one of the worst stores in the chain and in 2015 did more in one month than his first store did in an entire year. Arthur now has multiple locations, multiple Guinness World Records and influences 1000's of people each day through his restaurants, coaching, speaking, and books. His book Dysfunctional Inspiration was written to share how with the right decisions, they can change their world. His second book Breaking Conformity hit The Amazon BestSeller list in one day!

2020 Speakers