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  • Karl Rove to Keynote 2015 SCWA Convention & EXPO
  • 2015 SCWA Convention & EXPO

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Mark Your Calendars - 2015 SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO


Karl Rove, SCWA Keynote Speaker - Monday, February 23

  • Deputy Chief of Staff & Senior Adviser for President George W. Bush
  • FOX News Contributor and Wall Street Journal Columnist
  • Author of Courage & Consequence: My Life as a Conservative

Facts & Myths

Many in our communities are not aware of the efforts of the car wash industry to conserve water. Sometimes when communities face water need issues there is a tendency to base decisions and rules on reactions rather than facts. Many times these misunderstandings result in decisions unfair and inappropriate to the car wash industry.

The Southwest Car Wash Association wants to be an active community partner in helping to provide correct information and assist in creating solutions to water conservation based on facts and fairness rather than on old misconceptions or misunderstandings.