SCWA Awards

The SCWA Awards Committee determined that for the 2017 Convention the only award to be given would be the SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award. This was an effort to focus attention and properly honor current or past SCWA members who over the course of many years had clearly contributed to the betterment and the advancement of SCWA and the car wash industry. Jim Coleman, founder of Jim Coleman Company, and John Jurkens, founder of Octopus Car Wash, were both honored at the 2017 Convention for their contributions to the industry. Listen to their stories below.

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner - Jim Coleman

  • "I am truly grateful that so many of my peers sought me out to express such kind sentiments toward me and my family. Being there in the thick of it all brought back many good memories."
  • -Jim Coleman

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner - John Jurkens

  • "The SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award is an outstanding tribute to John, an honor that makes our family very proud."
  • -Alice Jurkens