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Make Changes, Make More Money

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul to revamp your business and increase your car counts. And, whether you’re strapped for cash, or not looking to make a lot of changes any time soon, it certainly helps to make some improvements to not only enhance your wash’s quality and impress customers.

Dan Foor, owner of two Magic Wash Car Washes in Middleton and Madison, WI, knows all about on-site improvements. He recently added on to one of his locations and has the following advice for other owners and operators.

“You really have to step back and take a look at your wash. Look at it from a customer’s point of view and see it through their eyes,” Foor says.

Foor then suggests looking at all of the new trends in both equipment and services. “If you aren’t upgrading, then realize that your competition probably is.” To find out these trends, Foor says to:

  • Go to trade shows
  • Read the trade magazines
  • Visit your competitor

Also, according to Ted Winchester, VP of sales and marketing at Coleman Hanna, who has been involved in the car...


Real Life Water Story

Dear Chuck:

I greatly appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf in dealing with water restrictions recently imposed on my car washes by the city of Copperas Cove. As you are aware, on Sunday, June 19 a pump station problem led to a temporary disruption of the water supply in Copperas Cove. The city immediately ordered all car washes in the city to close, while allowing all other types of businesses to remain open. In conversations I had with city officials on June 20 and 21 I was told that other businesses, such as laundromats, would also soon be closed. That step, however, was never taken. In my last conversation with the Copperas Cove city manager, Steven Alexander, he informed me that car washes would almost certainly be closed for at least four more days. That conversation was on Wednesday, June 22 at approximately 4:00 PM. His reasons were that car washes use a lot of water, they are not as essential to the public as other businesses, and most importantly, they can be easily shut down and serve as highly visible reminders to the public that there is a water problem....


Car Wash Highlight

We are pleased to recognize an SCWA member, Sophie Radde (co-owner) and Clean Getaway Car Wash & Detail Center, who was recently featured in the August edition of Professional Car Wash & Detailing magazine. Clean Getaway Car Wash was honored by SCWA as the 2012 Full Serve/Conveyor of the Year.

Ahead Of The Pack

This Texas flex-serve stands out in a crowded market due to customer service, technology and sodas.

In the carwash industry, accolades do not exactly grow on trees. In fact, carwashing seems to be something of a humble business. Rarely can hardworking owners and operators slow down long enough to take a phone call much less take time to vote on or accept an industry award. Honestly, it seems that many would rather spend valuable off-time learning new ways to improve their current operations.

Yes, there are thousands and thousands of sites across the globe where professionals strive daily to clean cars at the height of their abilities. So, when a carwash business does win an award, particularly a young business, it definitely piques interest...